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          HDMI A/M-A/M Cable Round

          Product model: 201709162077

          Categorey: Cable

          Products Specs:
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          HDMI A/M-A/M Cable Round

          • 25 foot High-Speed premium cable connects two Ultra HD HDMI-enabled devices, including computers, blu-ray players, video game systems, DVRs, monitors, projectors and televisions
          • Supports UHD video resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 (4K x 2K), including 1080p
          • Supports data transfer speeds up to 18 Gbps-the fastest bandwidth currently available over HDMI
          • Supports iPad2 video mirroring when used with Apple digital AV adapter
          • Lifetime Warranty
          • HDMI Gold Digital Video Cable, 10.2 Gbps—25 ft.
          • Premium double shielding minimizes line noise interference

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