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          10-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Docking

          Product model: UCN3294

          Categorey: Thunderbolt

          Products Specs:
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          Input: Thunderbolt 3 
          Output:Thunderbolt 3+USB3.0x2+HDMI+RJ45+SD/TF+DC Charging+Audio+USB 3.1 Type c Data


          Intel Titan Ridge Universal dock support both Thunderbolt 3 Host and MFDP host PC or Notebook.
          (Intel Alpine Ridge is old version, only support Thunderbolt 3 host PC or Notebook)
          Support 2x thunderbolt3 40Gbps data transmission speed and Thunderbolt3 daisy chain.
          Support single 8K@60Hz(7680x4320),5K@60Hz (5120x2880) UHD or dual 4K@60Hz display output.
          Thunderbolt Port A supports PD 60W charging(5V/9V/15V/20V @3A).
          Thunderbolt Port B supports PD 15W charging(5V@3A).
          USB3.1 Gen 2 Type A supports 1000MB/S and 5V@1.5A.
          USB3.0 Gen 1 Type A supports 500MB/S and 5V@1.5A.
          USB3.0 Gen 1 Type C supports 500MB/S and 5V@1.5A.

          SD and Micro SD card slots Support SD 3.0 208Mbps.

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