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          USB-C Docking Station 1

          Product model: UCN3322

          Categorey: Adapter

          Products Specs:
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          Aluminum case

          Display port 1:  HDMI supports 4K@60Hz output and backward compatible.

          Display port 2:  DP/HDMI supports 4K@60Hz output and backward compatible,

          the two ports cannot be used at the same time, share one LUN.

          Display port 3: VGA supports 1920*1080P@60Hz output and backward compatible.

          Display port: HDMI+DP/HDMI+VGA  supports MST mode, 1920*1080P@60Hz output, and backward compatible.

          1 x USB3.1 Type C PD supports up to 100W (20V@5A) charging.

          1 x DC power support: 12V/3A maximum.

          1 x LAN port supports 10/100/1000M.

          1 x SD3.0 (UHS-I) card reader, support SDXC card up to 2TB, data transfer rate up to 104MB / S (SD and Micro SD can read and write simultaneously).

          2 x USB3.0 Type A supports 5Gbps, charging Max 5V@1.5A, and backward compatible with USB2.0.

          2 x USB3.0 Type C Gen1 supports 5Gbps charging Max 5V@1.5A.

          2 x USB2.0 Type A supports 480Mbps charging Max 5V@0.5A.

          1 x Audio 3.5mm jack supports stereo audio output & microphone input.

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